Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Blog's Intention

So I think the reason I wanted to blog has changed and having been following others blogs I think it is time to be serious about this.  I see these bloggers that have theme's they blog about crafters, at home moms, cooking, it looks like so many of the bloggers I have found are young mothers.  Not sure if they are getting paid to do this or is this is a way for them to connect outside of the home.  But perhaps I will be the senior blogger who blogs about turning 50 and dealing with her children leaving home and trying to stretch the small paycheck.  Not sure that it will interest anyone at all.
Something else I could blog about is people.  I have always worked with and around a lot of people.  People always wanting something for nothing and some willing do anything to get it and some nothing.  So maybe I should just blog about people.  I see them everyday young people and old people both.  Maybe it will be about people.
All I know is I need to find something to blog about, because I have been reading about getting paid to blog, but I'm not really sure that people would pay me to blog.  Only because I have not found a real theme to blog about.

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