Sunday, March 27, 2011

Working mothers of the world say NO!

So one thing I learned after starting my new job as a secretary at a community college was I was stressed out.  I had missed so many things over the past 24 years.  If I could change anything I would tell the working mothers of the world you think you can have it all and you can balance it, well you really can't.  Learn to say NO to your job.  Put your children first, I know I didn't or at least I didn't all of the time.  Stick to your budget save the money,  because all of that money you are making that you are using to buy things for your children because you think that will make up for not sitting around the dinner table and talking with them, because someday when that child goes to college or gets married you will wish you had that money instead of your daughter having those jeans she wore once.  So save your money, say NO to the job and spend more family time.  Had I done any of that while my children were growing up, just maybe I would have been less stressed during those times and would have enjoyed what they did.  Don't get me wrong I never missed anything that they participated in, but I did miss dinners and talk time with them.  And in the end it was the job that left me, not my children or family.  Because when I quit that job of 24 years, those girls are the ones that told me it would be okay.
These are my two beautiful daughters. It's an older picture.  Adriane was still attending OU and Rochelle was still in high school, but this is one of my favorite pics and I wanted to share.

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